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小柔特殊生理时期,不做大秀,可漏上半身,C2C前先咨询哦Soft special physiological period, do not do big show, can miss the uppe

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日常舞蹈的小柔The daily dance of soft
小柔喜欢跳舞,也喜欢学习舞蹈,各位看官如果有喜欢的舞蹈想要小柔调给你们看,可以PM私信咨询小柔哟,小柔是可以接受定制舞蹈的哟Soft like to dance, also like to learn dance, you see if there is a favorite dance want to show you small soft tune, you can PM private message consultation soft yo, soft yo can accept custom dance
我的开播时间My premiere time
😘小柔是位新主播,感谢各位看官厚爱,小柔是位北方女孩,性格腼腆中略带反差,😘C2C里面会放的更开一些,😘小柔的开播时间是北京时间23:30—05:30,如有特殊事情不能开播,会提前告知给各位看官哥哥哟,既然喜欢小柔,那么快行动起来叭,😘进入小柔房间,😘跟小柔更深入的交流叭Small soft is a new anchor, thank you for your love, small soft is a northern girl, shy in the slightly contrast, C2C inside will put more open, small soft broadcast time is 23:30-05 Beijing time: 30, if there are special things can not start, will inform you in advance to see the elder brother yo, since like small soft, so quickly act up, into the small soft room, with small soft more in-depth communication😘
小柔是为反差女孩哟,专属会有惊喜哟Soft is for contrast girls yo, exclusive will have a surprise yo
小柔是为反差女孩哟,专属会有惊喜哟,经过两个多星期的相处,专属好评一致五星,所以连接小柔C2C一定会让各位看官玩的开心玩的尽兴,小柔会从,也会SM角色扮演,会脱衣舞,也会自慰,就算小柔不会的,哥哥教我我也会去学的哟,咱们C2C见吧Soft is for contrast girls yo, exclusive will have a surprise yo, after more than two weeks of getting along, exclusive praise of the same five stars, so connect small soft C2C will let you watch to play happy play, small soft will from, will SM role play, will striptease, will masturbate, even if small soft will not, brother taught me I will learn yo, let's C2C see it

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路过不白嫖Love from a passerby10
😍请小柔怼一句😍😍Please little soft15
😍小柔喝水水哦Soft drink some water20
😍被小柔双手温暖,手交be small soft hand25
😍看屁股Watch the ass36
😍站起来看看小柔身材Stand up and look a36
😍穿丝袜wearing stockings💕38
😍让小柔换双高跟鞋😍😍 let soft change40
😍娇喘减爸爸(老公)Jiao Chuan Jie Fath48
😍看看小柔大长趄Look at that littl50
😍奶心 Heart-Shaped Boob 😍58
😍口交阳具Oral sex penis😍58
😍吸吮手指Finger sucking58
😍打小柔屁股5下Give Soft five spanks59
😍秀脚Show off the feet66
😍鞭子抽打小柔屁股5下Five whips on Soft68
😍脱掉上衣ttake off the tops😍88
😍换丁字裤Change into a thong😍99
😍口交吐白醬醬Oralpuking bechamel108
😍乳夹Breast clamp148
😍暴力揉奶Take off your clothes a 169
😍深蹲10个加跑步3分钟😍😍 10 squats pl200
😍跳真空舞Vacuum dance238
😍无内M腿No inner M legs😘266
😍让小柔闭嘴3分钟😍😍 Tell Soft to sh299
😍小狗趴无内裤A puppylies without 299
😍近距离看小穴(粉嫩) Close look at the438
😍全裸广播体操😍naked radio gymnasti888
😍❥(^_-)做我的骑士Be my knight😍1314
😍让小柔休息一天 Let soft rest for a 18888

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